Candela Cienfuegos

Candela Cienfuegos (Badajoz, 1997) is a non-binary artist, graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Carlos III University of Madrid. Subsequently, they completed the Documentary Film Diploma at the Madrid Film Institute. They pieces have appeared at festivals such as the Alcances Documentary Film Festival, the L’Alternativa Independent Cinema Festival in Barcelona, ​​the Una Casa Festival and the BideOtik Festival in Bilbao, along with screenings at Cineteca/Matadero and FILMIN. In 2021 They obtained the artistic residence of Tabakalera Donostia with them documentary project La Pastora. In 2022 they start working with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria on the Mestura project in them work reviewing the Canarian film archive and is preparing them first "amateur" exhibition with the Getxo Culture Hall; also in the DiiiiP Residence directed by the filmmaker Manuel Abramovich.