Me acuerdo. Memorial Colectivo Feminista Queer

Colectivo Subtramas | Diego Del Pozo Barriuso | Virginia Villaplana Ruiz

Me acuerdo. Memorial Colectivo Feminista Queer [I remember. Memorial Queer Feminist Collective] is an action that took place on January 31, 2015 in the framework of the program Public actions for really useful knowledge within the artistic installation Four questions for a utility that is yet to come made by Subtramas for the exhibition A really useful knowledge (Museo Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, October 28, 2014-February 9, 2015).

The action, coordinated by Fefa Vila, brings together various feminist and queer groups from different generations. Participants narrate the conquests of the rights of sexual diversity and their political learning processes from the 1970s to the present day in Spain. The sellection texts come from a plurality of authorships, published in magazines, fanzines, or in the shape of a manifesto. Designed as a ritual of feminist memorial, the words "I remember" are quoted at the end of each reading, emphasizing the generational confluence of the act.

This video assembles archive images from demonstrations, political meetings, and creative practices, with testimonies of a long-term feminist and queer struggle. A journey that allows us to travel through a history of images and words that take us to a social imaginary and a memory of collective resistances that have been systematically erased from the official history. 

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