Alex García Martínez

Alex García is a director of photography, documentary filmmaker and experimental audiovisual pieces. His work deals with power relations, the use of democracy and the media. Documentary film is a language that allows him to work through intuition, desire and will. 

His works do not emerge from a prefixed idea, but rather from an intuition that takes shape as his construction progresses, using reality as a subject. He finds his ideas in the everyday, trying not to confuse the usual with the normal, something simple when one looks at the past but confusing when it comes to the present. He does not conceive of an idea without a form and does not find a form that does not imply an idea; in that search, and in the encounter with the other, is how he builds everything. 

He has collaborated with filmmakers and artists such as Carlos Marques-Marcet, Noemi Sjöberg or Ventura Dural.