A/A Project

Apology/Anthology, walks through the video production in the Spanish context for teachers, researchers, artists and general audience. The editorial project pretends to supply the absence of an anthological publication that compiles the main video productions in the national context. This initiative is inspired by the fruitful compilations realized in other countries, such as the one carried by the North American distribution company Video Data Bank. 

The publication section emerges from the necessity of making accessible, and, overall, readable, the audiovisual artistic creation, and making this way, visible the forty years history of the medium.

The project proposes five lines curated by an editorial team:

Aimar Arriola: "Flesh editing: production body-sex-gender in video" (“Edición carnal: producción cuerpo-sexo-género en el vídeo”)

Eugeni Bonet: "Demontage, appropriation and archive sources" (“Desmontatge, apropiació i fonts d’arxiu”)

Gonzalo de Pedro: "Based in real images: movements against the Spanish video ("Basado en imágenes reales: movimientos a la contra en el vídeo español")

Neus Miró: "Conceptual video: a walk-through to approximations, possibilities and contradictions"(“Vídeo conceptual: un recorregut per aproximacions, possibilitats i contradiccions”)

Arturo/ Fito Rodríguez: "Ultrasound of the political: video, randoms and post-poetics" ("Ecografías de lo político: vídeo, movidas y post-poéticas") 

Apology/Anthology is materialized in two complementary formats: a DVD case and a website. Currently, the online platform permits the free access to 250 pieces.

Enter the website.

Apología/Antología started as the initiative of Eli Lloveras (director of Hamaca) Anna Manubens (Head of Public Programmes at CAPC musée d’art contemporising in Bordeaux) and Nicolas Malevé (artist, free software programmer and 'data activist’) which developed thanks to a collaboration between Hamaca, Tabakalera, UPV/EHU and CAMEO.