Youth training


HAMACA in the institutes links the teaching of curricular content of secondary and high school education with different proposals of contemporary video creation.
The program looks for new ways of watching and learning through the audiovisual language. It intends to go further the images and conventional narratives of media and advertising, as it promotes experimentation in the classrooms with practices of video creation.
The program proposes three work lines to bring experimental video closer to students and teachers of 3rd and 4th grade of secondary school and high school:

Collective creation workshops at classrooms with the presence of an HAMACA filmmaker.

Workshop 1 - Create your audiovisual piece with images and film soundtracks or music you find in internet!

From soundtracks of different film genres (thriller, action movies, fiction, road movie, musical, comedy, western...) we will analyse the relation between image and sound. Afterwards, we will generate an audiovisual piece through dynamics of game, construction and appropriation of images from movies, television and visual and sound footage available in our website. 

Workshop 2- Micro-cinema with a mobile phone camera: putting into practice the basic notions of video and cinema.

We will get to know the main techniques in video and cinema: composition, rhythm, use of sound, etc., through exercises developed with students using their phones. We will edit the footage generated to visualize the whole process of work in the audiovisual creation: from the birth of the idea to the final production. 

Workshop 3 - New medium in video creation: let's get close to the videogame world.

We will explore the connexions between videogame as an entertainment and its approach as a creative resource. We will analyse the narrative and aesthetics of the genre and present examples of the latest works in this field. We will put into practice our knowledge by producing a videogame through a free software available in our website. 

B) WAYS OF SEEING: THINKING THE IMAGES - workshops of thought / theoretical workshops:

C) RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS - pedagogical luggage


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