HAMACA's research projects promote instances of thinking about experimental video from multiple areas of knowledge, methodologies and approaches through links with researchers, study groups, institutions and universities. HAMACA coordinates, supports and participates in meetings, research processes, training programs, creation of dissemination resources, as well as in all forms of work that are of interest to research, its creators and the dissemination of compiled knowledge. Thanks to public funding and institutional agreements, HAMACA also promotes calls for research support.

With the aim of continuing to expand and affect the thinking around the moving image, in 2023 HAMACA Publications is inaugurated, a series of digital editions that collect the writing works resulting from the various calls promoted since 2022. Thus, each call for research linked to writing processes will be able to socialize their inquiries through freely downloadable and transferable documents. In addition to this series, Hamaca also develops some other publications that arise from collaborations or specific projects of a more particular nature.