Christian Lagata

Christian Lagata (Jerez de la Fra. 1986) bases his practice on a sculptural way of understanding and building installations with an industrial and urban aesthetic. Materials play a leading role, establishing a constant dialogue between their supposed roughness and the undeniable familiarity we establish with them. Beyond the logic of the found object, it is the human trace, its quality of "remainder" that interests him in these elements.

He has studied advanced studies in Image and Sound and a Master in Contemporary Photography. He has held artistic residencies at the Centro Andaluz de Creación Contemporánea, C3A, Córdoba (2022), Pico do Refugio, Sao Miguel, Azores (2021), Hangar Lisboa (2019), Fundación BilbaoArte Fundazioa and Mira Forum Oporto (2018). He has exhibited individually and collectively in national and international institutions and fairs such as ARCO Madrid, Estampa, PhotoEspaña, Unseen Amsterdam, Conde Duque, TEA, Centre del Carme, CAAC, Fabra i Coats, CA2M, Centro Párraga, C3A.... His work can be found in collections such as the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo de Madrid (CA2M) or the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC).