Cinema Semente

Cinema Semente is a collective of audiovisual creation, management and mediation around rural Galicia. It was born out of a shared belief in the political capabilities of cinematic practices and community experience, as part of a response to the "emptied Spain" phenomenon and its remaining inhabitants.

At the end of 2018 the collective started a sociological, environmental, and architectural research in the Galician countryside. For this matter, they use filming as a vehicle. Under the practice of self-constituency and horizontal ethics, their process approaches popular knowledge and the use filming as a vehicle for listening and empowering subjects, based on the recognition of the cultural and human value that it harbours.

Their final aim is to foster an expansive, creative, ecofeminist and intergenerational culture around film. With this purpuse, they are also imagining and creating a community film centre in the village of A Barca, a space for living and inhabiting cinema.