Clemente Calvo

The artist Clemente Calvo (Zaragoza, 1964) has been working as a self-taught experimental filmmaker since 1983. He studied at the New York Film Academy in 1994, during which time he produced four short films in 16 mm, one of which, The Mutant, won an award at the 6th Madrid Experimental Film Week in 1996. Another of these films, The Flame, was part of the Experimente section of the Dresden Film Festival in 2005. His production also includes Dark Love (1987-2000), included in the project "Caras B del Videoarte en España" (curated by Nekane Aramburu and Carlos Trigueros) and the collection Videolightwork, with four of his works selected by Punto y Raya Festival.

Clemente Calvo works in the world of abstract audiovisuals, seeking the most complete harmony possible between image and sound. In some of his films he takes up ideas from the origins of experimental cinema, combining classic methods of animation and direct manipulation of celluloid with high-resolution video editing tools. A pharmacist by profession, in 1986 he founded his own production company and gradually decided to devote himself fully to artistic practice. 

His latest exhibition projects reveal his interest in rescuing documentary pieces related to the rural environment in which he lives and works (San Mateo, Leciñena, Azuara, Daroca, San Juan, Calmarza, among others), showing them sometimes with practically no editing, simply digitized, as an audiovisual objet trouvé.