Consol Llupià García

Consol (Consuelo) Llupià García (Barcelona, 1983) comes from a hodgepodge of ancestors: curanderes and scientists, that is, some people with the gift and others dedicated to scientific research. dedicated to scientific research. She studied Fine Arts at the UB and since then her artistic practice has been nourished by taking the question of contextual permeability to the extreme, situating artistic practice in a porous dialogue with the experiences that happen to him in her daily life through her direct and immediate networks of relationships: friends, family, her altered body, the space he inhabits and connections with the strange.

She has lived in Barcelona, Sofia, Alcóntar, Havana and Calaveras County. She is almost vegan since her militancy and thanks to the Balena de El Prat, the Cetácea community and the Sea Turtles -almost, because to alleviate chronic pain she has to take a series of medicines that have been tested on non-human animals, which have been forced to suffer from the same illness-.

Shee has worked with and for different local and international institutions as well as with grants, exhibitions and residencies: Barcelona Crea (Barcelona, 2022), La Capella (Barcelona, 2020), HANGAR.ORG (Barcelona, 2020), Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wilfredo Lam (Havana, 2015-17), CAHA Centro Astronómico Hispano Alemán (Almería, 2016), Nau Estruch (Sabadell, 2015), Centre d'Art Santa Mónica (Barcelona, 2015), CA2M (Madrid, 2015), CA2M (Madrid, 2015),
2015),CA2M (Madrid, 2009) etc. Activated and co-organised the long-term project Campo de Desconcentración Polivalente, a multidisciplinary and community action art proposal in Alcóntar, Almería.