Gabriel Díaz Romero

Leveraging the nickname received from his former bohemian comrades ("the subliminal child") he decides to dive into the videographic  pool. In order to do this, he turns to all sorts of self- help books and intellectual introspection exercises, some even in German. Equipped with a rudimentary and primitive clumsiness, the first thing he does is screening of all videos, have or might have been in that videosphere, to find the place from which to continue his creative work. Observes with no grand gestures and a sensible parsimony, certain electromagnetic "tics" repeating over and over on this side of the cathode mirror, and decides to take his first "artistic" steps (no coincidence that the first video is a "performance dedicated" to Marcel Broodthaers, one must be humble). Continues with  psychoanalytic diving classes in parallel to touristic and carnal trips. A brief hospital mishap reminded him, yet again that all is "vanity and nothing but vanity."


Time flies and in the mirage of Expo 92, the subliminal child cooperates in the project of Documenta IX: "Let there be TV", 100 days, 24 hours experimental television.

After that he needs a detoxification treatment and compulsively travels again.

The German exile is coming to an end and he must return to a “cooked” unknown Madrilenian scene. Leveraging his contacts in Germany with other grant holder fellows, who passed by, he decides to keep some active pulse with low-budget productions, of course.

The subliminal child acknowledges his affective debt with Grandpa Nam June Paik and the whole Fluxus stream and enters  into a kind of spiral of underground irregular distribution circuits, where they do what they can. He is adopted by the group "children of the mountain" and the association of artists "the voice of my mother", where he finds warmth and understanding.

Since 1999, GDR Simultaneous his other heteronym M.L. , which allows him to position the viral nature of his work in young art circuits. After developing exhibitions, create some video pieces and fatten his artistic resume "subliminal child" and "M.L." cease their activities back in 2001.

[The subliminal child entered a deep depression because of the analogue switch off and ML threatened to file a complaint if he continued impersonating his identity].

Currently GDR is planning a comeback. I'm warning you, then do not complain.




When you are on your own, the look gets lost beyond the surface and dives, wanders into new worlds, discovered ... and time does not exist, something happens and you experience it. On the other side of the camera, you get comfortable on the button and let the random and marginal moment you want to snatch, playful ...

The way to capture life, time and to get to tame space but with the freedom of the whims of fate... The procedural nature of this work reveals encountered realities result of a witty random. Overlaid images and encountered realities sensitized on the same surface result in new realities intuitive and fragile, closer to a subjective portrait, a combination of intuition, absence and a bit of improvisation, respect to the unknown or to creation without limits. The wait and immobility to meet his new image are a fundamental part, since anxiety and obsession, lead him to join this chain of hidden events himself. This work therefor has a self-portrait component in each of its images, so we definitely find a personal universe, we could speak of an artist’s journal where an imaginary of moments is trapped and collected. Collisions between sounds and images, multiple and overlapped, folded over themselves and others, produces a complex orgy of sensations that have come to be danced.

"- What is the balance between intention and chance?

-A permanent uncertainty. "