Génesis Valenzuela

Génesis Valenzuela (1988) studied Dramatic Art and Plastic Arts at the School of Fine Arts in the Dominican Republic, where she was born. In this academic space she discovered her interest in the aspects related to the Dominican countryside, specifically in the south of the country, where her roots come from. Later, Valenzuela enrolled in the Film Directing course at the Altos de Chavón school, whose comprehensive programme, in addition to covering technical, historical and aesthetic knowledge, encouraged to produce critical thinking on Caribbean aesthetics and ethics.

This framework allowed her to broaden her artistic training and deepen on interests and obsessions: the peasantry tradition and the frontal clash with the consumerist tendency that was voraciously establishing on society. Her first films approached these topics with a delicate poetic and essayistic treatment, and she developed the script for a feature film with which he won first place in the Dominican Republic's national film script-writing competition. Later, after migrating to Spain in 2020, she completed a Masters in Experimental Filmmaking at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, where she works on multidisciplinary projects that address issues such as rootlessness, gender/race/class and the colonisation of the West Indies.

Her films have been screened at several film festivals, including the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, the International Film Festival Doc Buenos Aires, the Ibero-American Short Film Festival of the International Film Festival of Quito, the Malaga Film Festival, among others. Her projects have also taken part in several workshops and artistic residencies, such as the Ibermedia Project Development Workshop, the MiradasDoc Project Incubator, the Matadero Artistic Residency Centre, the RAW film residency at DocLisboa and Márgenes, among others.