Isabel María

Artist and Doctor of Fine Arts. Since 2008 she works as teacher of Audiovisual and Creative Documentary at MACI Master's Degree at Complutense University of Fine Arts in Madrid. She has received awards and artistic grants from SRE Mexico Government, Marcelino Botín Foundation, MataderoMadrid, Iniciarte, Cantabria's Government, MedialabMadrid, Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano MEIAC in Spain.

Her work has been exhibit in Cervantes Institute of New York, Stockholm, Dublin or Peking; at La Casa Encendida, Madrid; at MEIAC, Badajoz; at Botín Foundation, Santander; at Espai of Caja Madrid, Barcelona, etc. During a four years period (2003-2007) she received the  FPU grant from the Ministry of Culture, which she took to investigate, live and film audiovisual projects between Barcelona, New York and Chicago.