Laboratorio Reversible

Laboratorio Reversible is an intermittent collective based in Barcelona, oriented to the creation, experimentation, knowledge, dissemination and conservation of analog film. A space for meeting and working aiming to generate a community and foster possible synergies among the members of the group, as well as among others who share similar interests.

One of the main objectives of interest is cinema understood as a craft, due to its dimension of manual work, as well as the materiality of the production process.

Laboratorio Reversible was born from the desire to learn the practices of analog filmmaking and strengthen its relation with the neighborhood community of Poble Sec's district. Filming, developing, screening, telecine, recovering and reactivating the analog archive. The association is a community of creation and experimentation that, since 2016, has defended self-sufficiency as a strategy for its activity and has embraced error as part of the learning process.

Among its collective works, stand out Vecines, a co-creation project that portrays a neighborhood in transformation, and Memorias Reversibles, an archive that restores, documents, makes visible and recovers amateur and home cinema in Super 8.