Laura Ginès and Pere Ginard are illustrators, filmmakers and founders of Laboratorium, a microfactory that, over the course of 10 years, combined the creation of experimental films and publications with illustration and graphic work for the press, cinema and television. They have exhibited in a multitude of art sales in Europe, Asia and the United States, published several books and guided premises related to photography, illustration and audiovisuals.

Selected filmography: Música per a perplexes. 4'. 2002 // Dramatis Personae. 7'. 2005 // MobyDick. 3'. 2006 // Roma con i Bambini. 2'. 2008 // How to draw sad animals or... 4'30''. 2009 // Molt bé les campanes. 2'. 2009 // Song before dying. 4'. 2011