Martin Mur

Martin Mur has always been attracted to moving image, as well as experimentation with various forms of audiovisual representation. Graduated in Audiovisual Design, in 2017 she moves to Zurich and he courses a master's degree at the ZHdK University of the Arts, a space where he focuses on the research of non-linear narratives and expressions of temporality in film. He graduated with honorary distinction with the project 'Still Façade of a Hostel' (2021) his work 'Retallades' (2013) has been part of the exhibition 'Pantalla Global' (2013) at the CCCB.

The discursive line of his projects explores the disagreements that arise between the phenomenological experience of time and chronological time. Under this lens, Mur reveals and examines the relationships generated between the perceptual experience of time and the time proposed by the work itself.

With an interdisciplinary approach -installations, computational imaging, moving images and other formats- Martin Mur research the friction generated by the coexistence of parallel realities in constant redefinition. A framework in which he explores new forms of interaction between space, individual and artwork.