Rebecca Close

Rebecca Close is a poet, artist and researcher. Their work across video, ceramics, creative coding and poetry often focuses on the everyday experience of the Internet interface, notions of the network and the viral, which are mobilized as themes but also modes of artistic action. Their work considers the commons as a series of familial connections that must be continually maintained and renewed: the commons as it is called into being.

They have been based in Barcelona since the early 2010s where they form part of various art and poetry collectives, including Diásporas Críticas, Critical Días and Canal. They studied under Paul B. Preciado at the Independent Studies Program at the MACBA and have since taught in the fields of new media art and poetry. Their first poetry collection valid, virtual, vegetable reality (2018) won the Melita Hume Prize in London and their second collection Réplica (2022) is out with Canal. They are the recipient of fellowships from the Center for Art, Design + Social Research; Hangar Institute for Arts and Technology and Kone Foundation, who are supporting their doctoral research at Aalto University, Finland, on queer reproductive work.