tacoderaya are Jonás de Murias and Paula Pérez-Roda. A collective of voice and sound selection, oral and rhythmic remixing, and generation of verbo-sensorial experiences, tacoderaya works in the crevices of performance, verbal arts, and sound art through different techniques of participant research. 

They have been residents of PhotoEspaña and have performed in institutions such as CA2M, Sala de Arte Joven, Matadero Madrid or Conde Duque. Among their verbal and performative work are the works HAY UNA PELEA E IMPORTA QUE PASE, (2015), a speech action around the tracings of egos in any group taxonomy and its relation to violence or titula este triste ánimo yop uwu (2020), an exploration of the sensitive conflicts of the multimedia becoming of the body-self in the contemporary digital framework of construction of experiences of intimacy. 1 ola majestic en mi balconee is his first video work and dwells on tourism landscapes as a nexus between climatic catastrophe and leisure.

Jonás de Murias composes soundscapes of hypertextual impetus through the processing of found materials and his voice. As an artist, he has carried out artistic residencies in Laboral Centro de Arte, El Ranchito - Matadero, PhotoEspaña PHEstudios, EBT Matadero or Hammana Artist House, as well as sound sessions in Fylkingen Stockholm, Fabra i Coats, Centro LGTBI de Barcelona, La Capella, Picnic Sessions (CA2M), Veranos de la Villa, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, EXPO de Dubai, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Sala de Arte Joven de Madrid or This is jackalope. In collaboration with the performer Lara Brown, they have presented their work in contexts such as La Noche del Patrimonio, the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa or the Festival Escena Abierta, and carried out artistic residencies in Graner and La Caldera in Barcelona.

Paula Pérez-Roda, PhD in cultural studies from Princeton University, is a researcher, editor, and artist. She has written essays and articles about technologies and interfaces of literate orders and verbal and performative arts in specialized and general publications, such as Revista Concreta, BeatBurguer, the Anuario de Literatura Comparada, the Anuario de Glotopolítica, Kamchatka or L/E/N/G/U/A/J/J/E/o, as well as different art books. He was part of the public thought project BOYA~célula and the Euraca Seminar.