Violeta Ospina-Domínguez

Violeta Ospina-Domínguez (Bogotá, 1986). Colombian undisciplined artist, performer and educator. She has lived most of her life in Bogotá, where she has learned to work with humour and disillusionment with the nation-state, to explore the absurd and the undisciplined as a vital attitude and to incorporate the body's knowledge of the (un)named "popular culture". All this results in contextual projects in video, sound, drawing, performance, educational processes and installations, from which he appeals to a technology turned to the political imagination. At the same time, he engages in slow-cooking projects or fleeting actions of estrangement; exercising unproductive actions. She also self-publishes inside and outside the networks; she activates playful devices to circulate empathy and self-confidence.


Ospina speaks from a body that listens to her migration, the control of life and the coloniality of power. When she moved to Barcelona, she began to research the lack of empathy at the micro-affective level produced by institutional racism. From this latitude, she is mainly dedicated to co-creating spaces of political and poetic action: poletics, paying attention to voices, movements and dissipated memories of the diasporas.