Xeito Fole

Multimedia artist and anti-speciesist transfeminist activist. Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo (2010) and Master in Digital Arts from the Pompeu Fabra University (2011).

His artistic practices focus on the questioning of network culture, digital media and their impact on the representation of identities on the internet. He develops projects that question hegemonic identities, concretely the sex-gender and species system.

Merging different digital techniques and languages, in close connection with the internet and cyberspace, his works mixes video, photography, and code writing. His work invites to reflect on the uses and relationships users establish with technology, as a metaphor thowards self-reflection.

He lives and thinks slowly as a principle and methodology for creation, resistance to neoliberal speed, and prioritising care in the face of the atomisation imposed by capitalist logics of labour and productivity.

His projects follow critical perspectives and the intersection between art, activism, cultural policies, and education. In recent years, he has exhibited, given public lectures and workshops at different cultural spaces, such as: "Posibles futuras utopías desde el arte": Possible Future Utopias from Art (MECM, 2019), IRIS - Dissident Bodies (Palma de Mallorca, 2019), Anti-speciesist narratives in contemporary art practices (6th EACAS Congress, 2019), Translucent Performance (London, 2019), LGTBI+ Voices: Translocal mobility and cultural and political activism (MACBA, 2018), ICE - Festival de Cine TransMarikaBollo (Barcelona, 2018), Diversidade, xénero e sexualidades (Porto, 2018), Muestra Bizarra - Jornadas Bizarras Jardunaldiak (Iruñea, 2018), Muestra Marrana (Ecuador, 2016), In Living Memories (Barcelona-Milán, 2016), co-coordinator of the meeting Geoartivismos, Medios locativos + Artes digitales + Acción social (Hangar, 2015), among others.