White letter to Hamaca > ALUD!#3 festival

Oct. 29, 2023 Barcelona. 

Proyección de obras contemporáneas fotoquímicas en festival ALUD!#3 | domingo 29 de octubre a las 18:00h en Hangar

As part of the third edition of ALUD!, an expanded film festival promoted by CraterLab, this Sunday at 6pm we will be screening our Carta blanca a Hamaca, a programme to which we have been invited to show contemporary video voices on celluloid that form part of the archive. Pieces that, from specific territories, often liminal and small, reflect on the transcendence of love, memory, transformation or death. With a situated gaze, video here becomes a gesture in favour of encounter, where recording is an act of mediation, learning and shared reflection.

With this relational purpose, we speak of a cinema that listens, inhabits and returns, brimming with meaning and beauty. In this process, the very temporality and materiality of the analogue encourages a complicity with the environment and its characters, a strictly responsible and attentive presence. Thus, this projection programme goes through exhibitions where bringing to light and rescuing from oblivion becomes a trade and a militancy in favour of life, as is the case in:

Paraíso, by Maddi Barber y Marina Lameiro, 2021
Caballito, by Claudia Claremi, 2023
Un viento roza tu puerta, by Jorge Castrillo y Pablo Paloma, 2021
Notas sobre a habitabilidade en A Barca, by the collective Cinema Semente, 2019
Algunas bobinas en curso #1: retrato de A, by Florencia Aliberti, 2021


Paraíso, by Maddi Barber and Marina Lameiro, approaches a pine forest in transformation that for decades obstructed old farmland. It interrogates the transformation of the landscape and its uses by tracing the layers of land and relationships that make it up / By way of ritual, Claudia Claremi completes the cycle of a mourning by editing exactly one year later images in Super 8 of her dog Caballito during his last day of life.  / Jorge Castrillo and Pablo Paloma turn time upside down in Un viento roza tu puerta, portraying rural landscapes of Andalusia and looking at the idea of violence through the invocation of songs and sounds / Cinema Semente was born to "raise the utopia and study the viability of a film centre in the Galician countryside" and along the way it records as a way of investigating and inhabiting. In Notas sobre a habitabilidade en A Barca, the collective makes a stay in an abandoned village in Ourense in which they relate emotionally and audiovisually with the environment. / Algunas bobinas en curso #1: retrato de A is part of a series of capsules in which Florencia Aliberti is dedicated to activating the sensitivity of the body through film, transcending the literal and arriving at ways of representing the palpitation of intimacy, eroticism or tenderness.


Venue: Hangar, Sala Ricson (c/Emilia Coranty 8-29, 08018 Barcelona)
Date and time: Sunday 29 October, 6:00 p.m.
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/entradas-alud-3-732845750367

programme image: frame from Algunas bobinas en curso #1: retrato de A