ONLINE EXHIBITION: Touristification

April 11, 2019

Online exhibition: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge

11.04.2019 – 30.09.2019

After decades of overwhelming predominance of the fictitious narrative whereby “tourism is good for everybody” and the more recent questioning of this by social movements, touristification has undeniably become a collective concern and a source of various conflicts.

Curators: Assamblea de Barris per un Turisme sostenible and Hamaca.

Artist: avier Camarasa – Jorge Luis Marzo, Irati Gorostidi – Jonander Agirre Mikelez – Ana Aitana Fernández Moreno, Valeriano López, Rogelio López Cuenca, José M. Palmeiro, Óscar Pérez, Pedro Ortuño and vídeos from ABTS.