Anoche soñé que volvía a la mansión del vicio


Anoche soñé que volvía a la mansión del vicio (Last night I dreamed that I returned to the mansion of vice) by Mariokissme mixes three different recordings where the term mansion makes a conjunction between them to a formal whole: Images from the Manderley film (1981) by Jesús Garay on VHS; Images from "Travestis, la mansión del vicio" a pornographic VHS film by Camilo Calmón found in the trash during the conceptual process of the project and new production recorded in a house in the Sagrera neighborhood of Barcelona known as "la mansión travesti", where the main character lives, characterized by R. Marcos Mota (the other part that together with Mariokissme form the collective El Palomar).

The bridge between all these films intertwines the post-Franco Barcelona of Ocaña and the post-15-M Barcelona of El Palomar. Two historical moments separated in time but with several links in common: art, sexual dissidence, affections and the collective. The fact of working in the background with certain fragments of Manderley's film, made in the Barcelona of the 80's, a time when Jesús Garay and Alberto Cardín (first cousins) shared an apartment in Portaferrisa street in Barcelona, reencounters in its discourse, for all the topics covered in the film, a series of transversal concerns that draw aspects of Cardín's multifaceted intellectual life.

Thus, in this project Mariokissme delves into more specific aspects (and successors) to themes already mentioned in one of the other works published in this same catalog, "Epitafio para Alberto Cardín" (Epitaph for Alberto Cardín). Sexual freedom, transvestism, transsexuality, homosexuality, polygamy, criticism of marriage, exhibitionism, prostitution, carpe diem youth, search for beauty, etc... Together with other new themes that appear from this mixture of new and old scenes, they make the conceptual discourse open to taboo themes: fetishism, pedophilia, necrophilia, pleasure... Concepts that Alberto Cardín deploys from psychoanalysis. Framework of interpretation that offered him for the analysis of both the individual psyche and culture.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Anoche soñé que volvía a la mansión del vicio
  • Direction: Mariokissme
  • Production: 2015.
  • Team:

    Direction - Production - Camera - Editing - Sound: Mariokissme.

    Actors in order of appearance:
    R. Marcos Mota
    Leo Chaka
    Christina Ratas
    Mar Pons
    Zoeh Carabela
    Erik Huma

    Assistant director and cameraman: Sebastien Esteban.
    Credits design: R. Marcos Mota.

  • Duration: 00:26:03
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Original format: VHS
  • Formats: HD 720 x 576
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright