Ayuda Humanitaria

Núria Güell Serra
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She had already been studying in Cuba for almost a year at the Cátedra de Arte de Conducta when, dining in a restaurant for tourists during a visit by her parents, Núria noticed that most of the tables were occupied by couples made up of elderly tourists and young Cuban girls.

At that time, it was 2008, the only option for Cubans to leave the country legally was to fall in love with a tourist and marry them. Love had become a kind of passport to freedom – or to the illusion of freedom – falling in love and seducing allowed one to dream of a better life, real or not.

That same day she decided to marry a Cuban to get to know and make visible what was happening there, this exchange of interests, this market of dreams, of sex and companionship.

The idea was to follow the same pattern. She would marry a Cuban, provide him with the means to obtain the coveted papers and permits to leave the country in exchange for using him in a work of art. She would use love as a means of deceiving the Cuban and Spanish bureaucracy. Thus was born the Humanitarian Aid [Ayuda Humanitaria] project.

With this intention in mind, she organised a kind of public competition in which she offered to be a wife to a person who would write her "the most beautiful love letter in the world". A jury composed of three Cuban prostitutes would be in charge of choosing the winning letter. Following the conditions usually applied in "humanitarian aid", the conditions required the selected person to be available for any request for the duration of their marriage. Once they had acquired the nationality, they would be divorced, as the rules of the competition dictated. In the event of the sale of the work, the proceeds would be divided equally.

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