Albert Merino

Bestiari presents a large city where any human presence is only an architectural and symbolic reminiscence. We associate these symbols and the urban landscape necessarily with a human presence, but this scenario emphasizes precisely its absence. However, the space is not empty, but inhabited by the "other". Suddenly apocalyptic echoes appear, as if it were a post-war landscape or the result of a collapse; images that resonate familiar through the imaginary of cinema or mass media. This video incites, through the substitution of the human, the question about the relationship with the other.


It has been screened in contexts such as: ARCO Madrid 2023 (MADATAC Stand); Palacio de Festivales, Santander; Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell (AES' Talks); Ukrainian Bienniale of Digital and Media Art (ARTAREA), Kiev; Videvortex 12, Malta or 9 Cairo Videoart Festival (Periferical Visions Program), Cairo.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Bestiari
  • Direction: Albert Merino
  • Production: Albert Merino / Casa de Velázquez, Académie de France à Madrid. 2017.
  • Duration: 00:05:10
  • Languages: without dialogue
  • Original format: HD 1920x1080
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright