Campo de sueños

María Cañas
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"The dream of the land.
I had a dream. The relentless earth was splitting open, blood was flooding everything, and humans were sinking into the apocalypse they had created. What have they done to the earth? what have they done to our beautiful mother? Shattered, plundered, torn and devoured, stabbed in the side of the dawn, tied to fences and dragged away. I hear a very soft sound with my ear pressed to the ground, I hear the dead of the earth stirring
I hear this strange song that repeats itself to infinity... we want the world and we want it now, we want heaven and hell and we want it...NOW!!!".

In a dreamlike and surreal language, Field of Dreams presents the debate between beauty and pain, between anarchism and fascism, between the earthly and the heavenly, in an incessant and eternal loop that changes in appearance but not in structure. The dream stumbles on through the night chasing the traces of a rebellious song, the sacred anarchy of an escaped time and space, an instant pregnant with visions, prophecies, myths, rumors, a palimpsest made of false truths that it dynamites in the name of god or the devil. "Let us believe in the sanctity of the hot land, the wise the wise and benign earth that keeps in its womb the ashen bodies of worthy and free men and women who made anarchism their only GOD. Floats in this work the rebellious and apocalyptic memory, let's keep moving forward stumbling in the night chasing the traces of a song, of THE SONG...".

Work belonging to the project The Flight of Hypnos (X). Dialogues between contemporary art and historical heritage curated by Juan López López. Almedinilla City Council. Ecomuseum of the Caicena River. Peripherals. Provincial Foundation of Plastic Arts Rafael Botí, Cordoba Provincial Council. 


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  • Title: Campo de sueños
  • Direction: María Cañas
  • Production: Animalario TV Producciones. 2016.
  • Duration: 00:06:00
  • Languages: Spanish
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