Criaturas Flamencas

Alonso Gil
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This piece comprises a series of five videographic music documents of flamenco performances (by Lucia Montoya, Gema Bernal, Fiti, El Pumu...) recorded in El Mundo, a small and run down venue in Sevilla, which today no longer exists. Flamenco thursdays at El Mundo were well known among Sevilla’s flamenco aficionados. It became a tradition to introduce new figures of flamenco singing, playing and dancing on this stage. These performances were never recorded with the rigour and dignity which they deserved, something which Gil did manage with this series of works.

Sevilla is in the world. And El Mundo (the world) used to be in Sevilla. Everyone in Sevilla knew El Mundo. But El Mundo did not recognise everyone. “One Mundo inside the world” (as Stephen Spender chose to title his memoirs...).

Flamenco tongue twisters: El Mundo was the name of a night club, of a small venue in Sevilla, where, on thursday nights, new and emerging (and not so emerging) figures of the local and Andalusian flamenco scene would be introduced... It was a space for the enjoyment of the locals, a space very far from the traditional tourist and flamenco export circuits... The club therefore adhered to a certain politics of, should we say, “privacy”, which caused a few suspicions the first times that Gil’s camera entered the venue... This initial resistance nevertheless soon softened until it completely disappeared further on, as Gil recorded the sessions with enormous respect and extreme discretion. The author became in the process another fixture in the audience of these weekly performances.

And so, night after night, thursday after thursday, the author attended with his camera these unique performances, demonstrations of the arte of many flamenco figures who were starting to take off. He partook in a ritual that lasted months and which resulted in the series of works that make up the piece Criaturas Flamencas.

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  • Title: Criaturas Flamencas
  • Direction: Alonso Gil
  • Production: Alonso Gil. 2003.
  • Duration: 00:20:10
  • Languages: English - Spanish
  • Original format: DVD
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright