El fin de las palabras

Raúl Bajo Ibañez

Two parallel screens, the city (from surveillance cameras) and debris (or the World Trade Center two days later) while under constant subtitles and mute voice of omniscient author expands the content to the individual uprooted and the dissolution of the current model of the city while listening to the story of a buried rescuer.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: El fin de las palabras
  • Direction: Raúl Bajo Ibañez
  • Production: Raúl Bajo Ibañez. 2008.
  • Duration: 00:02:52
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Original format: Mini DV
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright