Estiven en Galicia e lembreime de ti

DSK Lesta, J. / Montero, B.

Touristic presentation of Galicia. A dancer wearing a redesigned and updated version of the region's typical costume dances in the center of the image, the background changes with every beat of electronic music. The background is not overlapped, but the dancer is in every shot in a different geographical location with touristic monuments and typical landscapes located behind her. The assembly is pleasant, sweetened with overlays of different icons of the area updated as if they were part of the game Space Invaders.

From the structure of a tourist postcard, DSK encourage your views with a contemporarily-designed dancer. Folklore, linked to the popular scenes of nature tourism, cultural, the sun, and the beach is deconstructed in all its dimensions: music, dress, dance and icons. A new look for a new millennium. DSK creates an image of Galicia that breaks stereotypes, designed to attract tourists and to simplify reality, while being supported by them, dismantled and reinforcing typecasts at the same time. An example of a local place receiving global treatment. They are able to create a long (and exhausting) journey in an atmosphere of joy. They show Galicia with an electronic soundtrack, connecting techno and traditional music. This is a work which combines a tourist's guide, disco dancing, performance and video, resulting in a coherent hybrid.

A video created as projected performance of a live recording. The landscape images change with the music playing behind the dancer. After this work was performed, the piece was prepared and considered collaboration in itself. There is a web where you can watch the entire process and its parts (, even with an online game. Based on Space Invaders, from their position as a scallop you have to destroy a crab, an octopus, and a Santiago cake with a special prize.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Estiven en Galicia e lembreime de ti
  • Direction: DSK Lesta, J. / Montero, B.
  • Production: Juan Lesta, Bruno Díaz. 2006.
  • Team:

    Direction, Editing, and Post Production: DSK (Juan Lesta and Belén Montero)

    Photography: Alberto Díaz “Bertitxi”

    Music: Autoy

    Wardrobe: Noemí Esperón, Isabel Lorenzo

    Dance and Choreography: Belén Montero

  • Duration: 00:05:43
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright