La llamada: ¡Oh Jóvenes!


The project "La llamada: Oh Jóvenes!" operates from a kaleidoscopic logic: diverse forms, actions and semi-autonomous registers cross and meet as in the tetrahedral vision of a kaleidoscope, producing new forms and meanings. It pretends to be an exasperated and shocked cry provoked by the factors of today's society.

The video consists of two different productions that blend together: One is a family documentary made by an engineering student for his final year project about lime workers in Andalusia, where Mario's family appears performing the process of lime production, an ancestral family business. The other material is recorded in super 8 by the artist herself, where Mario appears questioning the images of the first one, in which the strength and the masculine work is a constant, offering a reflection that at the same time works as a futuristic protection. 

These two realities -so contradictory- pose on the one hand the deterioration of today's world and our way of understanding it through the artisanal production process of the lime workers. Lime (which could well be the soul of our villages), as well as other artisanal traditions, are disappearing. The cause, the most aggressive capitalism, the one that aspires to be liked. On the other hand, the escape or exodus to the family inheritance that falls on Mario, formulated through his own identity (queer) as a claim in the construction/compression of the body, and reflected in the broken and moving fragments that emerge from certain shots where the artist appears distorted by the vision of a kaleidoscope. Metaphor that serves as a connection with the broken and fragmented limestone stones used to obtain lime.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: La llamada: ¡Oh Jóvenes!
  • Direction: Mariokissme
  • Production: 2010.
  • Team:

    Dirección, producción, Dirección artística, música y sonido por Mariokissme
    Camara y edición: Sebastien Esteban
    Vestuario: Juanma Granero


  • Duration: 00:27:12
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Original format: HDV 720p
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright