La Piel del Lobo

Raúl Bajo Ibañez

La Piel del Lobo is a very brief visual review, in which important international events, broadcast during this century, are processed into a short and concise clip, as if they were recent memories soon to be  forgotten. Through concise proclamations, the video shows the disappointment and the betrayal that television has proven to be for Bajo Ibáñez. He thus encourages us to rip it out of our lives.

The television spectacle hides the miseries and desires of the world. Yet it is not real, it is just a collection of images. The image of the saving lamb with which the mass media once introduced themselves, is for Bajo Ibáñez nothing more than the wolf’s skin. With the sound of the noises of television news programmes and monologues he creates an atmosphere of anxiety to which he adds flashes of images of well known world conflicts that are covered over by the spectacle of fashion, music and frivolity. The tragedies are well known, but as soon as the channel changes, these are forgotten and replaced by images of joy and pleasure. Bajo Ibáñez solves the subtle televisual puzzles and relinquishes the televisual reality by presenting a series of dogmatic announcements, such as “no image is reality”, “these ridiculous visual artifacts are useless”, and “if your eye offends you... rip it off”.

La Piel del Lobo, together with El largo invierno, Abismo and Segundo intento, among others, to a series of video clips produced by Bajo Ibáñez during the last few years. They are all examples of his strict and particular type of investigation into the mass media. In the videos, he has examined the way in which the mass media temper the population either with violence (taming the audience by saturation) or with luxury placebos (the desire for an unreachable utopian paradise). Bajo Ibáñez hereby offers us intellectual incisions that lay bare the subtle control mechanisms of the mass media, demonstrating that there is nothing further from reality than television. (And yet, the show must go on.)

Technical datasheet

  • Title: La Piel del Lobo
  • Direction: Raúl Bajo Ibañez
  • Production: Raúl Bajo Ibañez. 2007.
  • Duration: 00:01:00
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Original format: Betacam Digital
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright