No yo

Lúa Coderch

The script and staging of No yo [Not me] are distantly reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's 1972 play under the same title. This video is a monologue performed by Ikram Bouloum's isolated lips, appearing in the middle of a solid block of flesh/makeup/nude, with the artist's voice doubled. The female mouth serves as a visual support for a voice, but the voice that sounds and speaks is not her own. The mismatch or discrepancy between the two voices is resolved, by giving the image a certain mechanical appearance. The voice describes a sequence of six scenes: a teenage girl tries to remove a stain from her clothes, an actress submits to the dictates of a theatre director, a child's voice is higher than desirable, a radio presenter loses his voice, an academic's tongue inexplicably swells, and an intern is publicly shamed by her boss. No yo explores different problems related to the voice as a physical phenomenon, to speech and to discourse.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: No yo
  • Direction: Lúa Coderch
  • Production: 2018.
  • Team:

    Escrit i dirigit per Lúa Coderch
    Videografia: Adrià Sunyol Estadella
    Edició: Adrià Sunyol Estadella, Lúa Coderch
    Boca: Ikram Bouloum
    Veu: Lúa Coderch

    Agraïments: galería àngels Barcelona

  • Duration: 00:21:50
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Original format: Quicktime
  • Formats: HD 1920x1080