Nueve segundos de negro

Alex Reynolds
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Black and distinct flashes of images that arise promptly. An incident, operation, nine seconds of black. The potential blindness causes panic. The transient disturbance of vision displays a particular micro-universe, manifesting and disappearing at different times. The visual contrast between the periods of darkness renew the limits of personal knowledge.

“I felt a confusing upset that I tried to attributed to the rigidity, and not the operation of some narcotic. I closed my eyes, opened them. Then I saw the Aleph.”
(jorge luis borges)

Narrated in first person, the author shows an alien experience of the loss of vision due to eye surgery. Guided by the sound of different noises, fleeting images appear from the darkness as they relate feelings through short phrases of written text. Given the shock of possible blindness, if only caused by blindfolding, an illogical fear of being deceived or persecuted is born. For nine seconds of panic, which feel like they may be permanent, the author condenses trivial moments. What the eyes see is black, but what the mind observes are simultaneous flashes of memories. During these overwhelming moments of clarity there is a search and a reference to the creation of meaning. “The confusion that precedes understanding”, is to “see clearly”. Stereotypically one thinks that they will observe the moments of enjoyment and cruelty, but what is actually presented are banal. There only appears the first thing that comes to mind, coupled with the physical sensation. This is just externalized impotence under the circumstances.

At no time in this video is it clear whether this is the reconstruction of a real experience, of an accident, or a dream. In the case of a dream, this experience implies a lack of courage or personal problems that prevent seriously looking outside, and the recovery is a sign that confronting the problems may be deferred. Memory makes partial this recap of a set of feelings after a temporary blindness.


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  • Title: Nueve segundos de negro
  • Direction: Alex Reynolds
  • Production: Alex Reynolds. 2009.
  • Duration: 00:01:35
  • Subtitles: English
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  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
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