Resignación y Angustia

Antonio Ortega

Sometimes, in order to make a video piece, hardly anything is necessary, neither money, nor actors, nor a stage, nor technical resources. This principle is taken in this video by Ortega to its last consequences. The only elements in the work are two characters represented by two fingers and some clay balls.

With this scarcity of media Ortega constructs a narrative that asks after the principles that people follow, after cultural differences and how the different religions affect people’s humour and character. This parable, which is presented as a comedy sketch or gag, is part of Ortega’s ongoing examination of some of the issues that we can discern in his other works. We realise that people’s capacity for agency is subordinated to their physical characteristics and social milieu. Resignation and anguish are not just the manifestation of two specific temperaments, they are also the physical incarnations of much larger value systems, like in this case, religion.

The two characters in this video are thus left with no other option than to accept their destiny and body. Despite medical and technological progress, they are in a chronic state of resignation, holding as they do in their bodies the social principles of the catholic-protestant division.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Resignación y Angustia
  • Direction: Antonio Ortega
  • Production: Josef und Hilde-Wilberz-Stiftung, Stadt Moenchengladbach Kulturamt.. 2003.
  • Duration: 00:02:09
  • Languages: German
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Original format: Mini DV
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright