Ringo Rango

Antón Reixa
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The transformation of traditional poetic declamation with a new mixture of cabaret, visual inserts and television effects. In this work Antón R. Reixa develops his poetry through videographic language, instinctively perfecting the electronic staging of the word.

"La identidad es una empanada [Identity is a pie]", Manuel Rivas.

Video recital of Antón R. Reixa's own poetry. Reixa refining in staging and editing his previous experience "Salvamento e Socorrismo". Different "poetic charges" intermingle, offering a tragicomic cabaret with a chaotic atmosphere thanks to an agile staging that breaks with television standards. Reixa does not stop talking, his pauses are to sing a refrain, and he is constantly answered by the images. In a constant back-and-forth through automatic association techniques, double meanings, confusions, lexical mixtures and popular sayings converge in gushes of highly non-conformist information. A propagandistic action that links Galician clichés with word games, images and sounds to generate a contemporary identity for their land.

The exhortative ZAS of his previous video is transformed into the sound of a whip marking the rhythm of the verses (which also serves to expel the fieriness). Between poem and poem a leitmotiv of saxophones played by three ladies, with an electronic snowy background, and the presentation of the next one, with Reixa appearing on stage to give it its title. Different versions of "4 x 20" are recited alternately (always concluding on verse 20), while he expounds the "Possible Portraits of Hanna Schygulla" in short narrative poems. A technique he develops as a radio programme about the dreams of housewives talking on the telephone in the "Notebook of Distress". A hyperallergic harangue about "the family of Charles IV" punctuated with STOP, like a long, sickly telegram after which he links several short poems: "Milk", "The Nazi concentration camps and ", "The gorilla Tolo", "1992", "Against the future", "The hotel business", "An iceberg". But it is in "El mundo de las amebas" that its refrain gets into the brain and continues until after the end of the video.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Ringo Rango
  • Direction: Antón Reixa
  • Production: Videoesquimal producions. 1990.
  • Duration: 00:26:00
  • Languages: Galician
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright