Bárbara Fluxá


Multidisciplinary artist, PhD in Fine Arts from the UCM, and researcher and lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. She belongs to the research group Prácticas artísticas y nuevas formas de conocimiento contemporáneas (Artistic practices and new forms of contemporary knowledge) at the UCM. She is currently a research member of the I+D+i Project: Interacciones del arte en la tecnosfera of the MINECO.

Fluxá is specialized in contemporary artistic strategies and practices related to the systemic environmental crisis, and the current problems between humanity, technology and nature. Her work aims to make visible the Western instrumentalisation of the natural space, proposing other imaginaries aligned with the current Anthropocene era. Her production involves a multidisciplinary artistic language, and research methodologies usually related to the scientific field.

She has carried out an intense artistic career through her participation in exhibitions (solo and group) in galleries, museums and art fairs in Spain and in Argentina, Peru, Chile, USA, Italy, Greece, Ireland and France.

Her solo exhibitions have been included in institutions such as the Centro Párraga-CENDEAC in Murcia, the MAS (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santander) and the Centro Cultural Intermediae Matadero Madrid. Fluxá's works are part of several collections of Spanish museums and foundations, both private and public.

In the last years, she has been awarded with the Ayuda en Artes Visuales (2017) from the D. G. Promoción Cultural de la Comunidad de Madrid, and the Beca Leonardo a Creadores e Investigadores Culturales 2017-18 (Área Artes Plásticas) from the Fundación BBVA.