Camille Orny

Camille Orny (Orléans, France, 1985) initially trained as an agricultural engineer. Before reorienting her speculative interests towards the humanities and visual arts, she spent a few years working in satellite image processing, a very specific field applied to the management of natural resources (INRA, Bordeaux). After this period, she graduates in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and in Comparative Literature from Pompeu Fabra (2015 and 2017).

From this turn, she elaborates audiovisual artifacts ambiguously located between reality and fiction, as well as between different audiovisual genres. The goal is to disrupt the reception, both apathetic and bulimic, of generic audiovisual artifacts disseminated on social media. Orny has made mini films and series that exaggerate certain frightening collective realities (gig economy and imposed sharing in ARTENGO2000, office space liquidity and hot desking in Resort Desk, streaming gaming in Pose del gamer, GAFA and Big Data in Emerald Fantasy Undisclosed) through mainstream narrative clichés (deus ex-maquina, seriality, macguffin, anti-heroes, etc.) that take place in everyday scenarios (the shared apartments where she has lived in and the Barcelona public space). The diegesis, sometimes by choice and sometimes by misfortune, betrays the reality (precarious and passionate) of her extradiegetic production, intertwining both in an endless feedback loop.