Cristina Mejías

According to Mejías, we have become used to preconceiving the academic world as a legitimate container and disseminator of knowledge. But here it is not enough to dry a leaf and keep it in a herbarium, because the living plant is bitten by the air, and it is important that this happens. Libraries require our desire to come alive. The practice of orality crosses bodies. The listener listens.

Mejías's work questions the strict, traditional methods of constructing history through linear storytelling. Her work arises from close narratives, those that are transmitted orally and have much of the voice of the speaker who tells them and the listener who hears them; containing all possible formulations, the landmark is mixed with myths and legends and fictions appear as options that escape from a hegemonic narrative.

A visual artist, she has a degree in Fine Arts from the UEM, NCAD Dublin, AID Berlin and a Master's degree in Art and Creation Research from the UCM. She has had solo exhibitions in venues such as Rodríguez (Poznan, Poland, 2022), Centro Párraga (Murcia, 2021), Teatro LaCapilla, together with Víctor Colmenero (CDMX, Mx, 2021), Museo de Jaén (2021), Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona, 2020), Museo de Cádiz (2020), The Goma (Madrid, 2019) or MACZUL (Maracaibo, VZ, 2017) and collectively at Fund. Rafael Botí (Córdoba, 2022), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, 2021), Palacio Almirante (Granada, 2021), Teatro Central (Sevilla, 2021), Impronta (Guadalajara, MX, 2021), ProyectoH (CDMX, Mx, 2021), Inéditos and Generación2020 at La Casa Encendida (Madrid, 2020), SCAN Projects (London, 2020), Alarcón Criado (Seville, 2020), CentroCentro (Madrid, 2020 and 2016), C3A (Córdoba, 2019), CArteC (Madrid, 2019), Premi Ciutat de Palma (Baleares, 2019), Santa Inés (Seville, 2018), Fund. Sala Mendoza (Caracas, VZ, 2017), Ranchito ARCOLisboa Matadero Madrid /Galerias Municipais (Madrid/Lisbon, 2018), Artothèque (Bordeaux, France, 2018), TEA (Tenerife, 2018), Centro Cultural de España/AECID (Rosario, Argentina/ Concepción, Chile/Lima, Peru, 2018,), XXVII Circuitos de Artes Plásticas(Madrid, 2017) and LABoral (Gijón, 2017), Fund. Cajasol (Seville, 2017), Valencia), CAAC (Seville, 2016) among others. Recent awards and grants include Premio Fundación ARCO 2022, Premio ARCO Comunidad de Madrid 2022, Generación 2020, Blueproject Foundation, VEGAP XXIII, Comunidad de Madrid-Estampa2019. In 2022 he has held residencies at Pico do Refúgio (Isla S.Miguel, Azores, PT), Festival Volcánica (Guadalajara, MX), Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona), Hangar Lisboa (Lisboa, PT), C3A (Córdoba), Tabakalera (Donostia) and Matadero Madrid-Ateliers dos Coruchéus (Madrid-Lisbon, PT). His work can be found in collections such as Fundación Arco, CA2M, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Fundación Montemadrid, DKV, Colección Meana Larrucea, Colección Alicia Aza, Colección Kells, Otazu, Colección Kells or Colección Navacerrada.


portrait: Paula Caballero