Collective of filmmakers, programmers and researchers working in the fields of experimental audiovisual and digital environments. Their practice is based on a critical and archeological approach to audiovisual technologies. They have carried out several projects on artificial intelligence tools and their ideologies: El mal alumno. Critical pedagogy for artificial intelligences (2017-2018, La Capella-Barcelona Producció), Latent spaces. Imaginaciones maquínicas (2018), Deep Blue Rhapsody. Pedrals vs. The Bad Pupil (Kosmopolis 2019, winner of the Lletra Prize 2019), You spoke to me and I told you I told you not to tell you (with Irene Solà, SWAB 2019), Estrafet. Eloquence and polyphony for neural networks (2019), Auspices (2019, Unzip) or What do you see, Yolo9000? (2019, Soy Cámara-CCCB). Estampa are Roc Albalat, Pau Artigas, Marc Padró, Marcel Pié and Daniel Pitarch.