Eugeni Bonet

He plays various roles in film, video and digital media as a writer, creator and artist. Amongst others, some of his achievements in film and video are: 133 (1978-79), Duchamp (video retard) (1986-87), Lectures on Cirlot (1997-98), U-Session (2002) and a feature film in 35mm, Tira tu reloj al agua (2004). As a creator, his most recent activities include the touring program Calculated Cinema (1999 and 2001), the exhibition Apparent Movement (Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló 2000), the audiovisual exhibition Eat or Not Eat (Salamanca 2002) and for the upcoming film festivals on the screen: The film lyricist, between dissent and rebellion (2005).

Since 2005 he directed a graduate course in Video Art as well as applications to the performing arts to the Ramon Llull University in collaboration with the MACBA.