Lluís Escartín

Barcelona, 1966. Walking photographer and film poet, founder of Armadillo Productions in New York, film and photography conservator at the Xiapaneca tropical jungle and director of the festival OVNI in Barcelona, among many other things. Escartín is, in all of his forms, an observer of the world with a poetic commitment. His biography could be measured in kilometres, always keeping in mind the feelings of a restless artist, curious to discover places, people, and more importantly, himself. Not coincidentally, his first exhibition of photographs was titled “Perpetual Movement”. When, by accident, he works with Jonas Mekas, he changes the photographic camera for a video camera, and, camera on hand, he travels deserts, jungles and suchlike desolate places.



Lluís Escartín’s oeuvre is a composition without score; it is work that breaks with the formulas of local videocreation, that exudes the painful experience of looking for authenticity; it is the analytic commitment to render visible that which, obstinately, society makes invisible.