Águila Arizona

Lluís Escartín

This creation was made in Arizona for a soundless projection in New York. It counted on the collaboration of the contemporary dance artist Olga Mesa. It is a mute document which explores moments of misty landscapes with a moving figure.

A nocturnal road movie headed towards the heart of America's southeast, the state of the Grand Canyon (and its exhibition on the other side of the country). The place's dryness is occasionally broken by rain coming off the mountains. It is a landscape with little population, dispersed remains of machinery and homes, the countryside littered with human bequests that break up the view. The only figure of this video occasionally dances over the quagmire, human breathing that fractures the landscape. Olga Mesa's movements suggest sketches, tests, attempts and, especially, meditations that she will later apply to choreographies of the future, from her place lost in thought. Escartín's serene contemplation studies the setting, at the same time that he focuses on fragments of the dancer. The camera is seduced by a duplicity that overlaps remains and the sunset's beginning like notes in a travel diary. Yet it is soundless. This muteness allows for the individualization of each take and sequence in a way which is similar to the passing of slides that intersperse the person with the location's characteristics.

Through these surveys of America's authentic lands it is possible to contemplate a few of the characteristics that have given identity to Lluis Escartín's video graphic work. Still in a process of formation, one can perceive his interest in extinguished cultures and the influence of landscape in mood as well as his innate capacity for intimate observation. Although he never comes out from behind the camera, it is possible to distinguish the author reflected in what is filmed as well as in the editing choices. There is never an objective presentation as ideas that really interest him are presented.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Águila Arizona
  • Direction: Lluís Escartín
  • Production: El Armadillo. 1992.
  • Team:

    Actress: Olga Mesa

  • Duration: 00:10:31
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright