Luis Macías

Luis Macías is an artist, filmmaker and composer of images. His works in 16mm, 35mm and/or video formats take shape in projections, performances and/or installations. His films and performances have been programmed in film festivals, art centers and museums around the world. He has had several group exhibitions and a solo exhibition. He has collaborated on pieces with other artists and collectives, as well as conceived audiovisual pieces to be performed with other artists and filmmakers. He has received grants for various projects and artistic residencies, as well as awards for several of his films at experimental film festivals.


He is co-founder and active member of Cráter-Lab www.crá, an artist-run independent analog film lab. At the same time he is an independent programmer and teacher - Bande à Part film school (Barcelona) and EQZE, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, (Donosti) -, developing theoretical-practical workshops specialized in different variants of experimental cinema both in film schools and art centers, festivals and museums.