Luz Broto Lema

Luz Broto (Barcelona, 1982). Graduate in Fine Arts and DEA in the PhD department of "Art in the Digital Era. Intermediate Creation" from the University of Barcelona.

She has developed specific projects in different cultural contexts, such as Exponer las columnas (Dilalica, Barcelona, 2019); Ir a menos (Comunidad de Madrid, 2017); Derogar las normas de uso relativas al silencio (Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, San Sebastián, 2016); Abrir un agujero permanente (MACBA, Barcelona, 2015); Aumentar el caudal de un río (Centre d'art La Panera, Lleida, 2014); Asimilar la temperatura exterior (Secesssion, Vienna, 2011). He has received production and research grants from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm; BCN Producció'10 and Blueproject Foundation, the Art Nou and Miquel Casablancas awards and participated in the residencies LIPAC 2013 (Buenos Aires), FLORA 2018 (Bogotá) and Artists in Residence 2020 (CA2M-Casa Encendida-MACBA). She has developed proposals in laboratory format such as Ir de un lado a otro (Aprendanza, Madrid, 2019); Quitarse peros (CA2M, Madrid, 2017); Salir del aula (EN RESiDÈNCIA, 2016); Volar al presente (Centro Cultural La Paz, Bolivia, 2016); No fer (L'Estruch, Sabadell, 2015). Since 2013 he has co-directed the platform

Her works depart from the exploration of the conditioning factors of a place or situation - architectural elements and infrastructures, organisational structures, regulations and protocols, historical or recent events - in order to propose minimal displacement operations that can bring into play the constrictions and complexities of the framework in which they are inscribed. These proposals often activate unknown dimensions and require delicate processes of dialogue and negotiation. Her practice, contextual and propositional, explores the relational character of space and the implication of the body as an active element within the established configurations.