Miguel Ángel Calderón

Miguel Ángel Calderón (Madrid, 1994) is a visual artist and filmmaker. Raised in both Spain and Peru, he then moved to the USA to study at the University of Kansas. After starting a degree in computer science, he obtained a B.A. in Fine Arts. He lives and works in Madrid.

His work seeks to defy our mechanisms of belief in relation to topics such as identity, solitude, memory and the socio-political motivations behind internalized hierarchies. For that purpose, his works propose an unsettling and immersive experience where, by revealing the vulnerabilities we share, it is possible to question the distance that presumably separates us. His videos, animations and performance art pieces have been presented in exhibitions, cultural centers and film festivals in New York, Madrid, São Paulo, Moscow, Chicago and Beijing, among others. He has been an artist-in-residence at Centro de Residencias Artísticas, Matadero Madrid.