El olvido de los espejos

Miguel Ángel Calderón
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El olvido de los espejos [The Oblivion of Mirrors] is a film set in the Peruvian Amazon that connects the past with the present through documentary, fiction and 3D animation. It reflects on the Western gaze and the extractivist purposes that have dominated the region, particularly the rubber fever of the 19th and 20th centuries. Through an immersive audiovisual experience and the appearance of specters of a stormy past, the film proposes a conversation around the historical oblivion of the region and the tendency to see this space as alien.


The film presents an exploration of the jungle from dawn to dusk, with a first-person perspective, without dialogue and guided by sounds of nature. The introduction to the space is slow and contemplative, similar to that foreign gaze that has taught us to desire this land without respecting it and to conquer it for our own benefit. Gradually, the film seeks to turn this point of view upside down and introduces a disturbing element in space, an ethereal presence, which then takes the form of 3D spectra during the night. In this way, a visual language based on the contrast between the natural and the artificial is proposed that speaks of our capacity to forget and the fear of encountering what we do not want to look at.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: El olvido de los espejos
  • Direction: Miguel Ángel Calderón
  • Production: Iquitos (Perú) y Madrid (España). 2022.
  • Team:

    With the support of Centro de Residencias Artísticas Matadero, Madrid.

  • Duration: 00:16:59
  • Languages: without dialogue
  • Original format: H264
  • TV systems: NTSC
  • License: Copyright