mar(i)cona awarded with the Queer Short Award from the International Jury and the Palerm Pride Award at Sicilia Queer filmfest

May 29, 2023 Palermo. Italia.

29 May 2023, 16.00, Sala Wenders – Palermo

As part of the Sicilia Queer filmfest, HAMACA screened mar(i)cona, by Cande Lázaro Cienfuegos, which won both the Queer Short International Jury Prize and the Palermo Pride Coordination Award


The jury, composed of French critic Claire Allouche (Cahiers du Cinéma), Italian actress Simona Malato, Berlinale Panorama section director Michael Stütz, Greek director and producer Maria Hatzakou and Austrian musician and actress Anja Plaschg, highlighted "its agile and playful way of telling the personal and emotional journey of a non-binary identity in today's rural Spain, an identity that is expressed in an authentic and motivating way". The Palermo Pride committee wanted to point out the value of "a story that, through an ostentatiously amateurish diary, interrogates us on the subject of the construction of our identities. Moving is the emphasis on the bodies of trans and non-binary people: perpetually forced to explain themselves, to justify changes of ideas and to question their roots in order to reach the fullness of themselves. Questioning that, in the case of the protagonist, passes through the confrontation between the rural reality, a space of tradition, and the city, a space where it is easier to face plural models of identity narratives."


We thank the Sicilia Queer filmfest for having selected, welcomed, socialized and recognized this piece, as well as for having turned to the HAMACA catalog to draw the festival's programming. 

Sicilia Queer filmfest was born from the widespread demand for a non-sanctioned, innovative, critical thought and culture and the need to represent a society in movement. It understands queer as a pluralism of critical thoughts about the world, of desiring subjectivities that represent a new idea of citizenship, social justice, rights and personal freedom. And queer, in the cinematographic sense, also as everything that - although not strictly related to the lgbt theme - is heterodox, independent, alternative from the point of view of languages, production or distribution approaches, not given to market logics. Born in 2010, it proposes itself as a place of theoretical and cinematographic research and that gives visibility, also enhancing the discovery of new talents.


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