Animalia Paradoxa

Agustín Ortiz Herrera

Animalia Paradoxa is based on Ortiz Herrera's research into the beginnings of the natural sciences (Research Project, La Capella 19/20). A context of change from a world explained through mythology to another dictated by the parameters of the modern and techno-scientific era in which the empirical sciences are imposed. Animalia paradoxa was the name of the uncertain taxonomic category of some mythological, unknown or monstrous animals. Inspired by this moment in which the magical world refuses to disappear, the artist takes us to a parallel or future (but intentionally ambiguous) time in which humanity, already forgotten, is analysed and recreated by beings eager for knowledge.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Animalia Paradoxa
  • Direction: Agustín Ortiz Herrera
  • Production: 2020.
  • Duration: 00:11:37
  • Languages: without dialogue
  • Subtitles: without dialogue
  • Original format: Quicktime
  • Formats: HD 1920x1080