El riu

Raúl Cuevas

A strumming guitar, a few moorish chords and we are in Morocco, in a medina. Raul Cuevas examines exotic environments, basically saying that it`s the same to be there than in Catalonia. The rhythm of the guitar in the song sets the editing rate, printing dynamism to the image jumps impregnated by people, places and details of odd spaces, without requiring external narrative to the musical.

With effective spirited concern, Raul Cuevas travels through a North African city, tracking it persistently while the music plays. In the warm panorama of the adobe village and its labyrinths, he finds groups of people (young people, children and adults), or individuals who are confidently portrayed by the author in his exploration, relating them to the song. The music characterizes this video made and edited entirely in Super8 (even with the dust and hair that usually sticks to celluloid), turning the present into a timeless past by its recognizable texture. Carried away by the stream of steps he discovers others´ view details, counterpointing with the city itself and its architectural details, the human portrait. A musical clip where the cameraman becomes a capturing anthropologist among brief transitions, to various persons who are, without any specific reason, in the medina of the city. The walk through the maze of lights contrasted up to a market is a constantly changing visual display, while retaining the cadence and sound synergy that, along with the visual treatment, is presented as expressive pattern of certain public areas where you meet people, without resorting to the topics of folklore tourism in the Maghreb. The domestic tourism gaze of Raul Cuevas, captures and crumbles both movements and periods of rest, giving particular sympathy to the environment.


Technical datasheet

  • Title: El riu
  • Direction: Raúl Cuevas
  • Production: Raúl Cuevas. 2007.
  • Duration: 00:04:02
  • Languages: Catalan
  • Original format: Super 8 mm
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright