In Ictu Oculi

Jorge Moneo Quintana
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Seven centuries of history made out of stone collapse without any nostalgia in the blink of an eye. Some call the variable frequency of this flicker History, others class struggle, progress, barbarism, or cinema. If we assume that the accumulation of blinks during a lifetime is abundant, we can conclude that we spend a good part of it awake even with our eyes closed. So, have we not, perhaps, overestimated the capacity of the image and therefore of vision as privileged providers of consciousness? How many flutters of the eyelid will be necessary to fix in the gaze a world that destroys itself?

Through a selection of archive images on glass plates and 35mm located in Vitoria-Gasteiz and the region of Álava, Jorge Moneo composes a story about a lost city. Moved by mourning, as well as by the astonishment, brutality, and beauty that the ruins provoke, he reconstructs the archaeology of a space whose traces can only be found in a bunch of archive photographs. 

Technical datasheet

  • Title: In Ictu Oculi
  • Direction: Jorge Moneo Quintana
  • Production: 2020.
  • Team:

    Sound design: Jorge Moneo Quintana & Benito Macías Cantón

    Sound post-production: Benito Macías Cantón

    Reprographers: Javier Berasaluce, Lola Cruz

    Archives: AMVG-Archivo Municipal de Vitoria-Gasteiz, ATHA-Archivo del Territorio Histórico de Álava, APHA-Archivo Histórico Provincial de Álava, Fundación Sancho el Sabio, Eusko Ikaskuntza.

    Authors original images: Tomás Alfaro, Santiago Arina, Federico Arocena, Enrique Guinea, Gregorio Quejarazu, Ceferino Yanguas and other unknown authors.

    Voice-over speech: Alfonso XIII

    Executive production: Kleinen filmak & Iris Audiovisual

  • Duration: 00:15:13
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: Basque euskara - English - Spanish
  • Original format: HD 1920x1080
  • Formats: AppleProRes - HD 1920x1080